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Often referred to as a “DJ’s Worst Nightmare”, Dance Floor Riot is known for not only performing Top 40 hits from the 80’s and 90’s… but also striving to stay on top of what is hot TODAY. DFR came into the music scene early 2009 and has steam-rolled forward while having zero intentions of looking back. They have kept their finger on the pulse of what everyone else is playing, and stayed a step ahead of that. Not only have they mastered the art of quick turnaround in learning what’s popular now, but they have done it while adding their own original rock twist to each song that will simply leave you in astonishment. If you’re looking for a band to “Bring the party”… you’ve found them.

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You still want the party, but aren’t quite able to handle a Riot?! Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

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Dance Floor Quiet

Looking for all the same fun and creativity as DFR but can’t handle a full band?! Dance Floor Quiet brings the energy and fun of a Dance Floor Riot show, in a more intimate and “quieter” way. The band will “unplug” and instantly become the most original acoustic act you’ve ever seen and heard. By stripping down to the bare bones of Dance Floor Riot, this twist on the original proves to be perfect for cocktail parties, receptions, etc.

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